Mother 4

Well what can I say?

Some of you might be confused thinking “Mother 4…? but nintendo only made 3 games and Itoi said he probably wasn’t going to make any more. SO WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?”

Well to put it simply a while back I believe it was an interview from Nintendo dream magazine Itoi said, "So if someone approached me and said they would like to make Mother 4 I might just tell them to go for it (laughs). If there was a Mother 4, I’d play it." 
So the team here decided to take that challenge and now we have a game set to come out Winter 2014!

I’ve been astounded at the amount of dedication and work these people have put into this game. It leaves me at the edge of my seat to find out about new updates on the game! The graphics for this game resembles if not improved what was already done in Mother 3. If you haven’t dived into the music that was released for this game then I have a real treat for you here. There are a couple tracks that are a callback to the old mother games but they take it a step forward and really boost the quirkiness meter and it makes for some really catchy tunes! 

So if you are looking for a story, there hasn’t been a lot released and the creators have really made the major portions of the story a secret but here’s what I can piece together based on the information that was released. 

The game is set in an ideal vintage America following the adventures of a young boy and a biker gang who get caught up in a series of events that surround a mysterious group called the Modern Men.

Travis is a young 13 year old boy born in a lakeside community in Belring. His favorite thing is to daydream and he is your typical average kid. The game website explains that he has his own kind of potential that he will unlock. (Kinda in the same way Ness realized he has potential and unlocks it in Earthbound.)  His older brother is Zack protects Travis and there hasn’t been much released about him. Leo is a leader at heart and it is presumed that he is a leader of a biker gang in his area. He doesn’t really like to share any information on himself according to the mother 4  website, to which he typically responds to those questions with phrases like “buzz-off” or “What are you a cop?” He also likes dishwashers for some reason. Meryl is a year older than Travis and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. She has her goals and priorities straight since she has the ability to see into the future; she is also the more optimistic one out of the group. Floyd is the popular one and has a huge amount of charm and wit. Even though its hard for him to adapt to new situations his high self esteem is usually the thing that helps him and his group of friends out of difficult situations. 

With still a while for the game to be released the devs said that this will require no emulator to run the game and will be available on Pc, Mac, and Linux. While there is no set release on ios or android the devs are allowing  lets plays of the game and you will be able to name your party! 

If you want to see the glorious teaser trailer in 720p here is the link
This is the website for the game where you can sign up for updates and notified when the game comes out. 

I am really excited to see this game come out and expect a full review when it does!

Website: Link

Teaser: Link

Soundtrack: Link

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